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The Most Breathtaking Rainforests across the Globe

The Most Breathtaking Rainforests across the Globe

Breathtaking Rainforests across the Globe
Photo by David Riaño Cortés from Pexels

If someone is a fan of greenery and gets goosebumps from the adventures and ecstasies of the deep dark forest then undoubtedly it is the rainforests they should visit. From the abundance of the nature and deep dark forest to the immense diversity of various species of this planet- rainforests are undoubtedly the heavens on earth. Apart from the natural beauties, rainforests are extremely important for maintaining the balance of the global weather as well. So, after visiting rainforests, everyone is bound to feel more alive and connect with their inner soul. Here are the most breathtaking rainforests in the world-

  • Amazon, South America:

When it comes to the topic of rainforests, Amazon comes to the mind instantly. The reason is pretty obvious- it is the largest rainforest there is in the world. It is not limited to the boundaries of Brazil only but it extends to Colombia and Peru as well. Amazon rainforest offers diversity- from seasonal forests to flooded forests to the savannas. The biodiversity and wildlife found there is extraordinary. In fact, several species living in the Amazon are still unknown to the rest of the world!

  • North Western Ghats of India:

In India itself, there is a rainforest full of natural wonders and abundance of biodiversity. As they are spread across a large area of India, one can witness different patterns of the weather in there. This rainforest is full of wildlife sanctuaries forest reserves. The biodiversity found there is noteworthy as well.

  • Monteverde, Costa Rica:

Monteverde is known for the Cloud forest reserve and the rainforest located in there. The reason behind the name ‘cloud forest’ is the constant hovering of the clouds overhead. Just like other rainforests it also witnesses the rainfall during the whole year. The biodiversity found there is amazing too. Only the mammals have more than a hundred varieties. The hiking pathway to reach on the top of the clouds is breathtaking and full of natural beauties. The view from the top is also worth dying for.

  • Harapan Rainforest:

Harapan rainforest spread across Indonesia is another breathtaking destination for the jungle lovers. Many of the almost extinct species of this planet have made their home in this forest. One could witness species like Sumatran Tiger to Orangutan in there. Maybe this is why this rainforest is also known as “the forest of hope”!

  • Tongass National Forest, Alaska:

Alaska is known for its extraordinary natural beauties. The rainforest in Tongass is one of those many natural ecstasies found in Alaska. This forest is the largest forest across the United States as well. Not only is there the forest but it is a home to mountains and glaciers too. Words cannot possibly describe the beauties that it possesses. The biodiversity found in there also needs to be mentioned. Especially, this forest is known to be the home to the brown bears.

Forests are home to greenery and different species of flora and fauna. So, if anyone wants their soul to be connected to the nature- these rainforests are what they should visit.


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