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Best inventions of technology so far

Best inventions of technology so far

inventions of technology

Technology has gave us the best instrument so far. Let’s discuss some of those invent here. Technology has a great role in human development. Human life have came so far mostly because of technology. It gave us some of the best invention so far. These invention made the human life very easy. Let’s discuss these invention in this piece of information and appreciate the technology.

  • AC

As soon as the summers start everyone switch on their AC’s. Earlier only rich people were using the AC because of the cost and electricity bills. But nowadays even the lower middle class people use AC. It may be because the cost of AC has reduced a lot during these recent years. Also the electricity bill is not a big issue. The heat is also increasing year by year. But we can count it as one of the best inventions off life. Doesn’t matter how much hot it is outside you will feel like winters in front of AC. Human life become so much easy because of the AC.

  • Mobile phone

Mobile phone is something which everyone can’t live without nowadays. Everything is in your mobile phone including your bank details. Food, water, shopping, bank, everything is just one tap away from you. In fact, students attend the online classes on tough time of covid-19 only because of the mobile phones. Earlier mobile phones were quite expensive but nowadays you will find a decent smart phone in just five thousand. Mobile phones are available in almost every range and it goes to two lakh and even more. People can do video calls and normal voice calls to each other and feel connected to each other.

  • Vehicles

What human will do without vehicles? Earlier human use animals for transportation. It take days to cover very few miles. But nowadays we have almost every type of vehicles to carry them. There are, cars, trucks, buses, airplane, helicopter, trains, ships and lot more. Now human can cover the thousands miles within few hours only. Also it is possible to go to islands with no land path and life. It is saving lots of time and also providing the comfort to human.

  • Medical instruments

We cannot forget tons of medical instruments in this list. There are so many instruments which are saving the life of people. There is the facility of the ventilators which can keep an about to dead man alive for days. Also there are machines for everything from blood pressure checking to blood testing. People died so much in old days because of lack of medical facilities and machine knowledge. But now human life is very safe because of technology again.

These are the four best inventions of technology so far. There are still so many other inventions. A human can never cover the total inventions because there are so many. Technology is really the best friend of human provided you also have to treat it like your best friend. Otherwise it can also turn to be your foe.


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