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Disadvantages of technology in today’s world

Disadvantages of technology in today’s world

disadvantages of technology

There are lots of disadvantages of technology that we are using today. Let’s discuss some of those here! Technology that we are using today has lots of side effects or we can say disadvantages. Some of the disadvantages are serious threats to mankind and can’t be ignored. Everyone needs to know about these threats. So that they can work from their side. Today we are going to discuss some of the disadvantages of technology in the modern world.

  • Reducing human labor

Because of the evolution of technology tons of people have become unemployed. We can say that technology is increasing unemployment somewhere. Earlier 100 men used to do the same work within days. But now a single machine with the help of one human is doing the same work within hours. No doubt the machine is reducing the cost as well as time but it is not good for human survival. A single machine has taken over the job of 100 people. This is a very serious threat and people should throw some light to it. If this continues than few years later there will be no need of human labor. It will lead to serious unemployment to people.

  • Overuse of power

If technology has gave us the facilities then it has also taken over lots of things. If we are using fans and Ac in our home, it is consuming lots of electricity. If we are using vehicles today then it is also consuming the natural resources. Even the green chemistry of tesla is not healthy for our environment. A single tesla vehicle needs tons of power. So technology is using the resources a lot. We all have studied in our lower classes that this earth is not us. We have lend this from our future generations.  If we will use the resources with same speed then what our future generations is going to do.

  • Expense of maintenance

Human have changed the machines with people to reduce the cost of labor. But with machines cost of maintenance come as a gift. Doesn’t matter how big or small the machine is, it needs tons of money for their maintenance. Their regular use as well as regular service is also very important. This applies to every machine from vehicles to home appliances. Even a single repair of fan needs thousand of bucks. Also within years of use, you have to throw it out and spend some more bucks to buy the new one. This applies to every machine that we are using today. Every luxury comes with a cost. Indeed this is a true statement.

These are the three major disadvantages that we are facing because of technology. We all have developed a lot because of the technology but somewhere we all are also paying high fees for this development. People need to reduce the use of technology otherwise, survival for our future generations is going to be very difficult.


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