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Ideal Places to go on the Honeymoon if You Two are Mountain Lovers

Ideal Places to go on the Honeymoon if You Two are Mountain Lovers

Photo by Daniel Frese from Pexels

The vows that one makes with the mountains are no less than the promises made during the wedding. If one falls for the mountains there is no going back. Every now and then the nooks and corners of the mountains will keep calling your name. If two such people tie the knot they cannot possibly think of another place for romance than the mountains. Here are the best destinations for the honeymoon especially for the couples who get turned on not by mere cheesy candlelight dinners but from hiking and getting the best view of the mountaintops!

  • Sri Lanka:

It is true that Sri Lanka is mainly known for the mesmerizing beaches it hosts! What most of the people do not explore are the hills of Sri Lanka. Kandy, Sigiriya, Adam’s Peak are the places to explore for the lovers of the mountains. The hiking root to Adam’s Peak really tests one’s supreme strength and the view from the 5500 step upwards is one of a kind. The budget is pocket friendly too. Although there is no ideal time for visiting Sri Lanka, the best time is definitely during the winters- from November to March.

  • Malaysia:

Borneo in Malaysia is heaven on earth for the mountain lovers. This is an ancient place alluring numerous travelers for centuries and it hosts one of the oldest rainforests in the world. The whole path is full of greenery and there are several wildlife sanctuaries on the way. The biodiversity one could witness in there is one of a kind. Apart from the abundance of nature, there are many lively markets and temples as well. On top of all that, the culinary delight that Malaysia offers is mouth-wateringly yummy!

  • Oman:

Middle East always presents something different. Oman is such a destination in the Middle East famous for its mesmerizing beaches. However, the mountain ranges of Oman are truly the hidden gems. Places like Muscat, Sur valley and WadiShab offer excellent hiking pathways for the mountain lovers. Especially the hiking path of Wadi takes real courage and strength. Many streams are there on the path as well. So, swimming skills are also necessary. As Middle East is known for its temperature, the best time to visit is during the winter.

  • South Africa:

Cape Town in South Africa is undoubtedly the best place for honeymoon if you love the mountains. Apart from the mountains the vineyards are also a reason for attracting tourists. In order to get a warm and nice honeymoon the best time to go there is in between March to May and September to November. During this time, the crowd is also less so couples could get some privacy.

  • Slovakia:

Slovakia does not fall under the popular tourist destinations of Europe. However, the most unusual could be the ideal for the mountain lovers. The reason behind this is that Slovakia hosts one of the most breathtaking mountain ranges in the world. Tatra mountain range and Slovak Paradise National Park are known for their extraordinary beauties.


These places are ideal and pocket friendly for spending the honeymoon with your dear one.


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