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Smartphone security: How much to reveal on your lock screen

Smartphone security: How much to reveal on your lock screen


The lock screen of your smartphone can reveal valuable personal information. Yes, it blocks access to email accounts, Facebook and Twitter profiles, and banking apps. But, Apple and Google have designed it in such a way that it is still possible to use some of the primary features of a phone without entering the password.

Why is it important to leave some information on the lock screen?

It is easy to adjust the Android and iOS lock screen features and settings to construct a stronger barrier between your phone and the outside world. But, you also need to balance it smartly. Having few shortcuts on the lock screen makes it convenient for you. Moreover, it is also an ideal place for leaving some important clues about yourself if you end up losing the phone.

Lock screen features in iOS devices:

By default, in an Apple phone you can communicate with its smart assistant by calling out “Hey Siri” directly from the lock screen. That’s cool if you feel like knowing about the weather or learning the meaning of a new word without unlocking the phone. Good thing is that Siri will not respond to private questions regarding emails, messages etc. unless you pass through the security.

How to stop iOS Assistant from answering private questions?

However, there is an exception. If any stranger takes your phone and asks Siri the name of the owner, the locked phone will reveal the owner’s name. This setting can be either advantageous or disadvantageous for you, depending on the nature of the person who finds your phone. So, if you do not want Siri to answer any question as long as the phone is locked, this is what you can do. Go to ‘Settings’ and toggle off the option “Allow Siri when locked.”

How to help people contact you without unlocking your phone?

Even without the smart assistant, you can leave some clues for strangers so that you can get back your phone, if lost. Open the preinstalled ‘Health’ App and edit ‘Medical ID.’ You can enter information about one person you choose as your emergency contact. Once you are done. Click on the option ‘Show When Locked’ to make the details available on your device’s lock screen.

Steps to follow to stop people from opening the camera:

Anyone can open your phone’s camera with a simple left swipe. To prevent this, go to ‘Content & Privacy Restrictions’ in Settings and you’ll find a solution.

Android phone’s lock screen settings:

The options are mostly silimar, but as Android has many versions, giving definitive instructions is not possible. These tips apply to the newest Android 10 version:

  • Good thing is that the Google Assistant does not leak any personal details until someone unlocks the phone with a face scan, fingerprint or PIN code.
  • If you tap twice on the ‘Power’ button, you can successfully launch the phone’s camera.
  • You can leave information for times of emergency via the preinstalled Safety App.


This was all about lockscreen security for Android and iOS smartphones.


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