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Safest countries in the world to explore for solo female travelers

Safest countries in the world to explore for solo female travelers

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Are you through with your parents telling you how unsafe it is for women to go on trips alone? We agree that travelling alone is still considered a daring and defiant act, even in the 21st century. But, many men and women have started planning solo trips to exotic destinations these days. Yes, there are countries with highest instances of violence against ladies, intimidating young travel enthusiasts. But, there are other beautiful places that can give you the best experience of your life.

Safest countries for women you must visit:

Wondering which country you should pick for your first-ever solo adventure? Go through our list of best women-friendly countries that you can visit alone or with your girl-gang for a relaxing holiday.

  1. Finland- Popularly known as the ‘land of the midnight sun’, Finland is a paradise for nature lovers. It has many picturesque lakes, multiple wild areas and National Parks. It has also secured the first rank as the safest country welcoming thousands of female travelers every year.
  2. New Zealand- New Zealand is again an excellent option if you want to experience solo traveling. It has something to offer every kind of wanderer. The Northern part has pristine beaches and colorful lakes. The Southern part of the island has glaciers and snowy peaks. If you want to spot gorgeous creatures like whales and seals, include New Zealand in your bucket list.
  3. Canada- Canada’s snow-covered mountains, breathtakingly mesmerizing countryside, and centuries old jungles make it an ideal retreat for men, women and children. It is also the safest American country.
  4. Switzerland- Situated in the central area of Europe, Switzerland is a piece of heaven. The country offers famous tourist spots, great chocolate to bring home, and soothing summers. The cultural diversity of Switzerland will enrich you and its peaceful ambience makes it a must-visit destination.
  5. Austria- Travel enthusiasts who have gone to the country say that all problems disappear in Austria. For enjoying the best quality of fun and life, you have to give Austria only one chance to sweep you off your feet. It the amiable environment is not enough let the lush green forests and towering peaks please your senses.
  6. Belgium- Belgium is a real gem hidden in Europe. From excellent infrastructure to historic sites and lip-smacking foods, Belgium has it all. An added advantage is that it is also the perfect place to meet fellow girl travelers.
  7. Uruguay- Uruguay is a small country but a charming place full of welcoming people. Punta del Este is a resort town with ancient monuments and great food. The country’s rich history is eager to share enchanting tales with friendly female visitors like you.


We all dream of a day when women would feel safe in every country around the globe. On one such day, you’ll not have to look for our recommendations of top places to visit alone. Till then, book your next flight to one of the above-mentioned countries. All of them have got excellent reviews from female adventurers.


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