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Hotels of Singapore has applied these Tricks of attracting People in a Covid-19 Affected World

Hotels of Singapore has applied these Tricks of attracting People in a Covid-19 Affected World

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Novel Coronavirus has changed the scenario across the world. Our daily and basic requirements have changed. While we have learnt to live with our basic necessities getting fulfilled the hotels and resorts are no exceptions as well. For instance the Staycation packages in Singapore are going through modifications too. After opening their doors to the world these hotels are bound toimprove their standards of health measures.

How Covid-19 impacted everything:

As the rapid spread of Coronavirus started across the world the necessity of breaking the chain became mandatory. In order to do that, from last April, Hotels got closed in Singapore and there was an imposed restriction from the authorities against allowing any guests. This restriction was in order until June 1.

New Measures:

After June 1, Singapore started to reopen its economy. Opening up the hotels for the tourists was a decision taken by the Singapore Tourism Board on July 3. However, this opening of hotels has been limited. Hotels can be opened only

  • To provide tourists with facilities included in the staycation packages.
  • To open recreation areas for child activities.

However, one can only open hotels after being approved by proper authorities.

More than a hundred hotels have applied for opening up their hotels with staycation packages. Almost one third of the applicants have got the necessary approval for reopening the hotels.

However, the outbreak of Coronavirus has changed the world altogether. In this changed scenario making some basic improvements has become mandatory. Here are some such measures taken by the hotels in Singapore-

  • A limited number of occupants. For instance, Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort has capped the number of occupants to a fifty percent. This has been done to ensure the safety protocols for the staffs and guests.
  • Some of the hotels have capped the number of occupants to half during the peak period of the week- during the weekends.

Measures to ensure Safety:

As health is of prime necessity in these changed circumstances, ensuring health is of prime concern for the service providers. Here are some of the measures taken by the hotel authorities of Singapore to ensure a healthy vacation to the guests-

  • Initial screening for symptoms. Anyone who wants to enter the premises of the hotel has to go through this process.
  • Wearing a mask is mandatory.
  • Facilities of checking in via digital medium.
  • The timings of checking in and checking out have been broken down in order to avoid large gatherings.
  • The numbers of occupants have been limited to only one person per every square meter.
  • In order to be able to track the occupants, if necessary, the hotel authorities are keeping the records of the guests for a minimum time period of twenty-eight days after checking out.
  • Floors and premises are being cleaned and disinfected thoroughly with proper quality disinfectants.

Ensuring the health has become the ‘new normal’ in this post Covid-19 world.  These measures, taken by hotel authorities in Singapore, are very important in that respect.



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