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What are the side effects of hearing excess of news?

What are the side effects of hearing excess of news?

side effects listening of news.

Listening to news can be dangerous sometimes. Today we are going to discuss some of the side effects of over listening of news.

News are the great source to keep the update of all the world just at sitting your place. You get to know about each and every thing that is happening in the world or grabbing attention of people. You don’t feel left behind from others. However, there are some people who over listen the news. They do it 24×7 a day. This is completely wrong habit. Do you know that over hearing of news can be really bad for your mental health. Today we are going to discuss the bad effects of news on your health. So that you can take care of the matter.

  • You become an over thinker

News channels have the bad habit of dragging the same news again and again. If they don’t get any other major news in a day then they can run the same news for a complete day. Worst part is that they tell the story again and again in a way that you don’t feel bored at all. You keep on listening the same topic again and again. It will make you an over thinker.  Because if you are listening the same thing again and again you keep on thinking about that. That news will leave really bad impact on your mind and make you the worst over thinker. Soon you will apply this to your real life and it is completely destruction.

  • It may lead to depression 

90 percent of the news that channels are streaming are negative news. They will either show some accidents or murders and robbery ,etc. news. Over listening to such negative news can lead you to depression. You will take much stress on the particular news and disturb your own mental health. However, showing negative news are not fault of channels. Such incidents are happening around us and it is important for each of us to know about those. However,  over listening of such news are not at all appreciating.

  • Waste a lot of time

If you keep on listening to news again and again you become addicted to it. You will want to listen it again and again. You will be always curious about the latest news happening around the world. And instead of taking knowledge you will also take bullshit of people. It will do nothing but waste your time. Nowadays you can even listen news on your mobile phones. So you don’t need any television to waste your time on over hearing of news. You can do the same from your mobile phone from any part of the world.

These are the three worst side effects of over hearing the news. News are good but to a certain limit only. Overuse of any particular thing is not at all good for human health. So stop yourself from over listening of news.


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