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Useful Tips for Guidance regarding writing a Business Plan

Useful Tips for Guidance regarding writing a Business Plan

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Having a business plan is the first and foremost rule for business. A business plan is basically a map to the treasure island of making profit. Not only is it important for understanding the goals and expectations more clearly but also it is extremely important to get the notice and help of the investors for the funding of the business. There are a few basic things that should be and must be included in a business plan. Here are the tips for making a business plan flawless-


  • Understand the Purpose:

The main drive that moves a lot of people into pursuing their own business is the urge to do something new and on their own. Money is not always the prime purpose of the business. Before starting with the writing up a business plan one should be clear about this thing. When one becomes clear about the purpose of the business other things become easier automatically.

  • Stay clear about the vision:

A vision for business is the key component about the business plan. A clear vision marks the expectations from the business and also the milestones to be achieved within a certain period of time. It is absolutely important to understand that having a clear vision does not always mean having a lot of unrealistic things in the bucket. That is extremely negative and investors will be repulsed by such plans. It is always wise to write up a business plan that is achievable and realistic. The vision should also include some applicable strategies that can be used to make those goals into reality. Finally, having a “mission statement” or to be more specific the reason of doing things is necessary in a business plan.

  • Focus on the Business Model:

The business model is the core of every business plan and undoubtedly the most important part. This part consisting the business model contains all the details of the business- starting from the process of hiring to the price of the product. Every detail of the marketing strategies and the goals regarding the quantity of the production should be included in the business model. So, undoubtedly this is the most important part and should be taken with absolute seriousness.

  • Who are your customers:

Having the process of production and focusing on the quality and quantity of the product is not enough. It is very important to know who are the customers and which is the target market. Almost all the investors ask this question to every newcomer and failing to answer this question puts the whole plan of business into question. So, a good business plan should research and focus on this area with more accuracy. Finally the business plan should address the question of why this particular plan is unique for addressing the needs of the customers. A clear answer regarding this is helpful to establish the business plan with more force.


These are the points one should not miss at any cost while writing up a full proof business plan.


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