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Tips to travel budget friendly

Tips to travel budget friendly

Tips on Travel budget

Almost everyone loves to travel to new destinations. However, it needs thousand of money always. There are lots of expenses to handle at every trip. From traveling to drinking water billing list is very longs. However, these expenses can be reduce with the help of some tips. Today we are going to discuss those tips here. So that you can save a lot of money in your next budget friendly trip. Let’s start with the tips now!

  • Do not spend much on traveling 

We mainly have three type of traveling options available. Air plane, train and road vehicles. Do not overspend a lot of money on traveling if you can save a lot there. For example if you can reach the destination via train then why to spend money on air plane ticket. Once you reach the destination avoid taking local taxis. These will cost you more than the air plane ticket. Try to rent personal vehicle always. Scotty works fine for such trips. You can also go for car if members are more. It definitely cost you less then the taxi. Option of local buses is always there. It will saves even more money. 

  • Do not eat at fancy restaurants

Food expense is usually more then any other expenses. There are different types of cafes at every place. But it is not important that you must eat there. There are local shops as well. Go for those shops. Local shops and street vendors sells the most delicious and authentic food of a particular place. If you use such local shops then it can save lots of money. 

  • Do not waste money on water bottles every time

You don’t need to buy the water bottles every time you are thirsty. Instead carry the empty water bottles with you and fill it from coolers or any other sources. There are plenty of such sources available at every place. Also you can go for air bnb rooms instead of hotels. Hotels are usually more expensive than the bnb rooms. Also they charge double for water. Bnb sells flat rooms and personal properties on rent. These rooms also give free water along with the stay. It will save the money from both sides. 

  • Do not shop from expensive shops

Every travel destinations has two types of shopping options available. First one is the expensive market and second is local vendors. These usually sells the cheap products that are local also. So try to shop from such shops instead of the expensive one. It will save your money as well as provide you the best items of the area. 

These are the four tips that helps the people in budget friendly stay. These tips will always help you no matter where you are going. Why to spend lots of money if you can save it with such easy tips.


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