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The importance of technology in education

The importance of technology in education

The importance of technology in education
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Nowadays entire things are conducted with the help of technology. It is highly needed in our world. In this article, we are going to describe the relationship between technology and education.

What is the need for technology in the educational institute?

We often complain that technology has made us robots. Sometimes we also feel that previous days were good, now, we used to live a mechanical life. Though all these are true. Have we ever thought about what would the world become if there was no technology? Then we have to lead a primitive life. Technology is very much needed in education.

Online classes: The pandemic situation has forced us to do online classes. If there was no technology then it would not be possible for us to conduct online classes. There are so many apps available that help us to do online classes without any interruptions. Other than that, these apps can be installed on mobile as well as computers also.

CCTV: CCTV footage is very important nowadays. Whatever is happening in schools or colleges can be traced without any difficulty. One can see and get the idea. For example, if any quarrel occurs between two students then the higher authority of the school or college can take serious steps with the help of that footage. If there is no technology then how is it possible to give proper justice? Moreover, this CCTV is also useful in the examination hall. Everything can be viewed as who is cheating or not.

Using the internet: We can’t know everything. Moreover, bookish knowledge is not always good. That is why we can use the internet where you will get thousands of answers to our queries. Nowadays, nothing seems to be impossible with the help of technology. Moreover, you will also gain knowledge. If you are unable to find any answer in the book you can easily search on the internet.

Live telecast: It seems sometimes visiting a lecture is not possible. But those lectures of your professor might be very useful. The college and school authorities will telecast the live meeting. You can log in and watch every detail of the programs. Moreover, if you missed that also, you can watch the recorded video later on.

Online jobs: The students who are suffering from monetary problems can also do per time online jobs. You can work from home and at the same time, you can manage your studies and earn money. There is no need to visit anywhere. By sitting at your home you can do everything. Isn’t it great?

Projects: As we all know that projects carry marks. Those who are unable to do projects or those who seriously don’t know about doing projects, what will they do? Well, with the advancement of technology, everything seems possible. Search in Google, you will find various types of ideas and knowledge regarding your projects. Your projects will be solved. Moreover, you can also get good marks.


We cannot ignore technology as it is the most necessary thing in our life. Student life is the most critical. So, one has to be careful in this matter. Students can gain more knowledge with the help of technology. We hope that this article has helped you a lot.


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