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Simple tips for expecting women to have a healthy pregnancy

Simple tips for expecting women to have a healthy pregnancy

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Before you look after your newborn baby, you have to take care of your body and the unborn child growing inside it. As soon as you find out you are pregnant, you need to eat well, be happy, and make some lifestyle alterations for the sake of the baby. Even better, if you quit smoking and drinking and include more healthy foods in your diet from the moment you decide you want to be a mother.

  1. Eat well- Avoid spicy, deep-fried food, foods from restaurants and eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Rely on lentils, fortified cereals, wheat germ, and oranges. Also, include eggs, fresh fish and chicken to take care of your protein intake.
  2. Take your prenatal vitamin- You should consult your doctor and ask to recommend a good prenatal vitamin. This needs to be done right from the first month as the baby must get all essential nutrients that might be lacking in the foods you eat.
  3. Exercise daily- Remaining active is also significant for your overall well-being. Exercising will help you control excess weight gain, improve circulation, promote sleep, and reduce stress. Walking early in the morning or in the evening is cool areas is the best physical activity. Some pregnant women also enjoy swimming, doing yoga and pilates. Heavy exercises and weight lifting is not at all recommended during this time.
  4. Educate yourself- If you are pregnant for the first time it is obvious to have some fear of the unknown. Going to a childbirth class will prepare you for the delivery. You’ll learn all the basic things about infant care and childbirth. You’ll also enjoy interacting with other women who are experiencing the same things like you.
  5. Choose chores wisely- We are not asking you to do nothing and rest all the time. But, you must be careful while performing daily chores. Please avoid heavy lifting, scrubbing bathroom tiles, standing for long hours in front of the hot oven, exposure to harsh chemicals, and climbing ladders or stepstools.
  6. Drink sufficient water- The blood takes oxygen and vital nutrients to the fetus through placenta as well as carries waste away. So, the volume of blood increases by 50 percent for handling the extra activity. So, you have to drink more water and home-made fruit juice for supporting that gain. Drinking water will also prevent constipation, swelling, fatigue, and headaches.
  7. Stay clean- Wash your hands frequently to keep infections at bay. Use an alcohol-based sanitizer to prohibit entry of communicable diseases into your body.
  8. Fulfill cravings occasionally- Surrendering to pregnancy cravings sometimes will not harm your baby. Besides maintaining a healthy diet, you can eat your favorite pizza or an ice-cream once in a while.
  9. Don’t take stress- Bid adieu to stress and do what makes you happy. Listen to music, watch movies, spend time with friends and sleep on time.


Follow the above-mentioned pregnancy tips on nutrition and safety to remain fit and ensure steady prenatal development. Also, enjoy these nine months and look forward to bringing home a healthy, smiling baby.


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