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Portable gadgets and tech accessories you must have to simplify your life

Portable gadgets and tech accessories you must have to simplify your life

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Gone are the days when computers were large and heavy. Electronics these days are smaller, making it easy for us to operate and carry them from one place to another. These devices are not just small in size but also technologically so advanced that you cannot imagine your life without them. From Bluetooth-enabled cool toothbrushes to toasters that can even take your photographs, technology has given us all. So, how many portable gadgets do you own? Read the complete article to find out about the most popular tech gadgets in 2020.

Cool gadgets you must purchase

Here is a list of top 10 portable gadgets that almost everybody wants to have.

  1. Wireless headphones- Wireless headphones are super-cool and not expensive anymore. They are comfortable to wear and deliver better sound quality. So, all you need after an exhausting day at work is a wireless headphone and some soothing music to make you forget your monotonous routine.
  2. Google Home or Amazon Echo- If you have the dream of owning a voice-operated computer for your living room or kitchen, you can easily afford one now. The Google home and Amazon Echo respond to basic questions, gives weather forecast, shares sports scores, and can even book a cab for you.
  3. Portable charger for smartphone- A portable charger for your phone can be a life-saver at times of crisis. While you’re outdoors, you never know when you’ll feel the need to charge your phone. Looking for a wall plug is going to be a fruitless attempt when you are camping or hiking. With a portable charger, your life gets all sorted. So, order one now and play videogames as many hours as you want without worrying about the battery.
  4. Fitness tracker- Health is the greatest wealth any man can possess. If working out seems almost impossible because of a busy schedule, a fitness tracker can assist you stay fit. You’ll be able to keep track on exactly how many miles you tread on and the number of steps you take daily.
  5. A flash drive- Google drives are extremely helpful but they cannot keep several big files at one place. A flash drive can solve all your storage related problems. It is so small in size that you can attach one to your key-ring and carry all your documents wherever you please. Isn’t it the most amazing office-friendly device ever?
  6. An e-reader- Are you a bibliophile? An e-reader has to be best buddy of all times. If you travel frequently and enjoy reading books while journeying, bid adieu to carrying multiple books. A Kindle can store hundreds of voluminous books. Do not think that it’ll give you the same feeling that you get while staring at your computer screen. Unlike a tablet display, the e-ink display is just like reading any regular book.


In the past ten years, there has been massive progress in the field of technology. New gadgets with improved features are invented everyday to make our lives convenient and entertaining.


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