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Most exotic islands around the globe for ocean lovers

Most exotic islands around the globe for ocean lovers

Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

Are you eager to find out which islands have been voted by adventure lovers as the best spots for holidaying? Some are famous for the beauty of the blue waters surrounding them while others boast of rare coral kingdoms. Stunning topography, exotic cultures, luxuriant jungles, and sublime beaches of the beautiful islands attract travelers from all corners of the world. From Santorini to Seychelles and Capri to the Caribbean, find the perfect escapade for you from the in the list given below:

  1. Fiji- Fiji, situated in Australia, looks exactly like the fantasy islands we see in animated movies. Fiji has translucent waters, chalk-white sand, and colorful coral reefs in abundance. You can relax under the shade of a palm tree or participate in snorkeling and surfing. The native people are warm and friendly.
  2. Bali- The intoxicating culture of Bali is a feast for the wanderer’s eyes. Electric greens, food jolts, Hindu temples, gorgeous beaches make Bali an ideal vocational retreat for couples and families. You’ll also plenty of fun-loving activities like hiking, temple hopping, and shopping.
  3. Santorini- Santorini in Greece needs no introduction to people who love traveling. You have to visit Santorini’s Oia and Fira islands at least once in your life for the most picturesque views. The white villas, blue-domed churches, bright bougainvillea, sublime sunsets, and volcanic cliffs add to its dramatic beauty.
  4. Palawan- The Palawan Island in Philippines is all you need to cure all your maladies. The limestone peaks, the rustling palms, the clear waters full of a diverse species of fish, and the gleaming sand will impress you beyond expectations. Emerald lakes, fishing villages, unique wildlife, and plush resorts are among other attractions.
  5. Maldives- Some of the most ravishing islands of the world are found in Maldives. The dazzling shores and the luminous water of the Indian Ocean make Maldives the dreamy heaven that it is. The mesmerizing, secluded sea allures snorkelers and divers to Maldives.
  6. Bora Bora- Bora Bora is a volcanic island in French Polynesia. The ravishing lagoon with sharks, ray fish, and turtles swimming in the transparent waters is the main point of attraction. Extravagant water bungalows and tantalizing sea foods of Bora Bora are waiting for you with open arms.
  7. Seychelles- Picture-perfect and unspoiled, the Seychelles is loaded with attractions. The giant boulders, the powdery beaches and the dense forests of Seychelles will sooth your senses. So, if you are missing some sun, sand and sea, this is where you should go next.
  8. The Cook Islands- The Cook Islands, present in the South Pacific, is where you can play Robinson Crusoe for as long as you want. Among the famous tourist spots are aquamarine lagoon, palm-fringed beaches, volcanic peaks, picturesque resorts, and friendliest locals.


The Dalmatian Islands, Capri, Kaua’i, St. Luciare, St. Barts, Ko Phi Phi, Sardinia, and Whitsunday Islands are some other attractive islands crowded by tourists all the year round. No matter which island you visit, don’t forget to take your favorite people with you to make your trip a memorable one.


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