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How to maintain strong and healthy teeth?

How to maintain strong and healthy teeth?

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Having an impressive set of teeth requires a lifetime of good oral hygiene. Taking care of teeth is simple and not at all time-consuming. It basically involves using the right dental care products and practicing some healthy eating and cleaning habits. Follow out tips to look after your gum and teeth and bid adieu to cavities.

Daily habits to practice for good dental hygiene:

  1. Brush twice daily- There is no denying that brushing teeth before sleeping is of supreme importance. No matter how tired you are, brushing twice is a must. If you do not get rid of all germs before going to bed, plaque will accumulate all night, leading to gum disease. Also you need to start your day by brushing teeth to prepare them for the chewing activities throughout the night.
  2. Brush properly- How you brush teeth also plays a significant role in your life. Brushing in hurry and not in the right order is as bad as not using the brush at all. So, take time to move the toothbrush gently and in circular motion to remove all food particles.
  3. Use proper toothpaste- When you select toothpaste, don’t take one based on the flavor or teeth whitening elements. Your toothpaste needs to have fluoride in it. This element fights germs and protects teeth from decay.
  4. Don’t forget the tongue- Plague also builds on our tongue if it isn’t cleaned regularly. Gently brush your tongue to keep oral problems at bay.
  5. Focus on flossing- How often do you floss your teeth? Dentists would say that flossing once every day will keep plaque at bay. It stimulates gums and lowers inflammation. For beginners, flossing can be difficult initially. But, don’t let that stop you.
  6. Keep a mouthwash- Most of us think that brushing teeth is enough and skip using a mouthwash. It is necessary as it reaches those areas where the toothbrush fails to reach. It also lessens the acid in our mouth and re-mineralizes teeth.
  7. Eat teeth-friendly foods- We all love to eat ready-made tasty foods. But, they are neither good for our stomach nor for our teeth. Eating crunchy, fresh vegetables and fruits is the best choice for teeth. They are rich in healthy fiber and also strengthen teeth by causing maximum movement of jaws.
  8. Drink sufficient water- Water is the best beverage for our overall health. It aids digestion, hydrates skin, helps us maintain weight, and is also a friend of our teeth. If you drink a glass of water after taking a meal, it’ll wash out most of the food particles sticking to the gums.


Taking care of our teeth is important for various reasons. If you don’t care for them, unhealthy gums and cavities will make the mouth sore. Eating meals will also become challenging. Healthy and strong teeth does not just help us chew foods properly but also give us confidence. They’ll also give you one more reason to laugh. So, love your teeth, and they’ll love you back.


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