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How to keep your heart healthy and keep heart diseases at bay?

How to keep your heart healthy and keep heart diseases at bay?

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Heart is one of the most important organs and taking good care of it is mandatory to live a long, healthy life. Most of us know that a good diet and exercise are two best friends of our heart. But, what else do you need to do to ensure that your heart function properly?

Six strategies to apply to look after your heart:

Cardiologists recommend six things to practice on a regular basis to enable your heart to work efficiently. Incorporate these simple yet effective habits into your daily routine and you’ll be rewarded with excellent heart health.

  1. Bid adieu to trans fats

We require both unsaturated and saturated fats in our daily diet. But, trans fat is not good for health and also increases chances of getting heart diseases. Trans fat raise the levels of bad cholesterol in the body and clogs our arteries. It also lowers the levels of good cholesterol. So, if you minimize your intake of trans fat, the blood flow will improve throughout the body.

Fats produced in the industry and used in packaged goods like chips, cakes, and other snacks is trans fat. You should not buy packaged snacks frequently and consume eggs and meat which are rich sources of healthy fat.

  1. Exercise

People who exercise for 30 minutes on a regular basis are comparatively fitter than the ones who don’t. Exercising reduces stress, promotes good sleep, aids digestion, controls weight gain, and makes the heart strong.

  1. Maintain oral hygiene

Did you know that dental hygiene is closely related to heart health? The bacteria present in our mouth that is responsible for causing gum disease also damages our heart. It moves into our bloodstream and inflames the blood vessels, increasing chances of developing stroke or another heart disease. So, no matter how exhausted you are, brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste before sleeping to prevent formation of bacteria.

  1. Sleep well

Sleep plays a pivotal role in taking care of your heart. If you do not get sufficient sleep at night, you are putting your heart at a risk, even more when you are above 45.

Sleeping peacefully has to be one of your top priorities in life. Getting 7 or 8 hours of sleep at night will prove beneficial for your health in many ways.

  1. Don’t remain seated at one place for long hours

Research studies have revealed that even for people who exercise every day, seating at one place for long hours is extremely bad for health. It makes the heart more prone to ailments.

If your job keeps you seated in front of the computer for several hours, make sure you keep moving throughout the day.

  1. Quit smoking

We all know that tobacco smoke is the primary cause of lung cancer. But, people who smoke also have greater chances of premature deaths because of heart-related sickness.


Follow the above-mentioned six tips and your heart will be the happiest. This will reduce chances of being affected by cardiovascular diseases.


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