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Excellent tips to plan a budget trip to a foreign country

Excellent tips to plan a budget trip to a foreign country

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

We all have the dream of visiting exotic foreign countries. But, the very thought of traveling abroad gives us the idea that it’ll be extremely expensive. The truth is you do not have to win any lottery for going on a vacation to your favorite foreign land. All you need is detailed research and proper planning to travel around the globe in budget. Read the complete article to get expert tips on how to satisfy your wanderlust without digging a hole in your pocket.

How to plan a vacation abroad with a limited budget?

  1. Take your friends- The people you travel with are as important as the destination you select. So, consider planning your ideal retreat with your friends. It will not just be fun but also convenient as far as the expenses are concerned. You get to split all bills from car rentals to accommodation and have unlimited enjoyment.
  2. Search for volunteering programs abroad- Volunteering is a noble service and is also soul-satisfying. Look for volunteering opportunities abroad and you’ll find plenty of options. This is again a smart trick to explore a new place without having to pay for meals and accommodation.
  3. Book in advance- Spontaneous plans are great but booking in advance works like magic for nature lovers. If you can book the hotel rooms and flight tickets a few months before the trip, you’ll end up saving some extra bucks. This principle applies even if you travel to a different state in your own country.
  4. Research on affordable destinations- Just because it costs less to visit a location does not mean it isn’t worth going. In fact, there are many countries where the cost of living is quite low. Some such countries include Bosnia, Sri Lanka, Columbia, and Portugal. You can easily get cheap food and stay along with popular tourist spots.
  5. Travel off-season- Avoid visiting popular vacation spots in the peak seasons like summer and winter vacation. Most families take their children to new places during the vacations. So, you need to travel in the ‘shoulder season’ as prices are low at that time. Another advantage is that the beaches or hill stations will not be crowd, giving you the scope to spend some soothing time with nature.
  6. Pack properly- Packing properly plays a crucial role in managing travel expenses. When we are at home we think we’ve taken all that we need. But, when we are in an unknown land, we learn that we’ve missed out several significant things. Buying stuff in tourist zones always cost more. So, make a long list of all dresses, accessories, medicines, and tools that you might require during the trip.
  7. Avoid eating at restaurants- Don’t eat at restaurants as they always charge a lot for a single meal. The roadside eateries and food stalls serve the same food at half the price.


Follow the above-mentioned proven tips and you can have an amazing experience in a foreign country. So, which is the first country in your bucket list?



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